Sunday, August 24

Discretion . . .

. . . is the better part of friendliness. From hereon in, the VIPs label shall be applied to any friends-locked post. Dish to your hearts’ content, my dearies—we’ll be the only ones in there. Kinda like a private table at the trendiest club, dontcha think?
And, no offense to the rest of you. The Kellys are all about dignity and privacy. There's no need to overshare.

location: the screening room
filmography: The Swan
status: switching to a more private channel


Madison_Ave said...

You wily fox, you! I’m all over this. Some share time is only meant for the truest of friendlies, I agree.

FrontPaige said...

Ditto that, bizznatches. Love is never having to censor yourself.

Anonymous said...

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