Wednesday, August 20

Heat Wave

In case you haven’t noticed, the city is about to go up in smoke. Seriously, it’s crazy-hot.
As such, there is only one reasonable solution:
Swank pool party at the Four Seasons!
Tomorrow. Noon until the Champers runs dry. (As if! Ha!)
It’s a Gatsby theme, so please break out your palm fronds, pearls, and your best 1920’s bathing beauty suits. Retro is the word, everything old is new again.
Believe me when I tell you that this bash is not to be missed.
BYO smokes, though, if you’re so inclined. (Do I really need to remind you that lung cancer is NOT one bit chic?) While we will have authentic cigarette girls at this gathering, they will be only be passing out canapés and paper fans—all the better to gossip behind, my dearies.
Summer is coming to and end; let’s go out with a splash!

location: Smooch, trying to stay cool
tummy: full of gelato-y goodness
mood: overheated


Little Willow said...

Wish I could attend said Gatsby party!

FrontPaige said...

OMG. Yes. Totes yes. A million zillion times yes. I’m about to melt into a puddle of Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream over here.

Toni the Tigress said...

Girl, when you’re hot, you’re hot. Fab idea. I’m in.

FilthyRich said...

Scantily clad chicks? Sounds like a plan.

Ty_It_On said...

What’s a palm frond?

Wait, never mind, don’t care. Party!

Madison_Ave said...

Oh, the outfits we will plan! Zelda would die. Just die, I tell you. Tee hee!

QweenKayleen said...

Awesome idea, Spence!

Hazel_hottie said...

sounds like fun, im in!