Monday, March 23

Birthday contest update!

Well, hello, my prettiest:

I wanted to thank you all so muchly for your hilarious and creative six word memoir entries for my birthday contest. TRES with the veriness. 

My only concern at this point is how in the world I will ever be able to pick one BEST entry for my loverly prize. 

And a what loverly prize it is! For realsies! Wanna get the scoop? Read on...

As you know, I love me some fairy-tale style romance. So it's only NATURAL that I'd be all about the new book "The Season" by Sarah MacLean.

(Side note: I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but COME ON. That cover is divine-itude to the power of X.)

"The Season" is all about three gor-JUS besties who love fashion and parties and all things high-life related ( why does that sound so familiar? LOL). They are big-time debs coming out for the first time in fancified England--and you KNOW it's extra posh-tastic since it's all historical and like. 
(Ball-gowns, horse-drawn carriages, and gentleman callers. Swoon.)
Those old-tyme debs liked their dramz, let me tell you. Sounds like they would have fit in PERFECTLY at Bradford Prep...
provided they learned how to use iChat, of course. 

Anyhoo, darlings, in honor of my VERY SPECIAL day, the delightful and ah-MAH-zing Sarah MacLean has donated a signed copy of "The Season" for me to give away at my most discretionary discretion. AND she'll be doing a little Q&A for us this Wednesday in honor of the contest wrap up. 


Well. My goodness. All of this excitement has left me rather flushed. Which I'm sure the friendlies of "The Season"would tell me is not very dignified at all. 

Please to excuse me while I pull myself together. And get with the posting so that YOU will be entered to win this fabbity book!

(Hugs and) Besos,



Krysten said...

I haven't heard of this book. Love the dresses on the girls' on the cover!

GoldenGirl said...

It's purty purty purty for sure.